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Swiss Patek Philippe Replica

We have another incredible collaboration between the Polish collectors' club Wealth Solutions, and the watchmaking company. The expert in rare art and alcohol, Swiss Patek Philippe Replica has created an exclusive timepiece that contains a drop from the oldest whisky on the planet, Old Vatted Glenlivet, 1862. The watch was unveiled on 8 April 2017 at the Singapore Yacht Show.

The Swiss Patek Philippe Replica includes the capsule that contains the oldest whiskey in the world. Sukhinder Sing, owner of The Whisky Exchange and a famous British collector for rare alcoholic drinks,Rolex Replica Watches provided this rare spirit. Last month, in Warsaw (Poland), a bottle of Old Vatted Glenlivet was opened especially for this project.

The World's Oldest Whiskey

This limited edition timepiece was inspired by Swiss Patek Philippe Replica’s Metropolis watch. It features a three level dial with open-worked markers. The 9 o’clock position is occupied by a small seconds counter, and the 3 o’clock position is occupied by the capsule containing the oldest whiskey in the world.

This exceptional piece has a caliber LM45 automatic, which is a movement designed and produced in-house. It operates at a rapid frequency of 4,800 beats per minute (4Hz). The movement has 22 jewels.

The Swiss watchmaker Whisky Watch offered two different versions.Rolex Yacht-Master Replica Watches The stainless steel version is priced at $14,500 and comes in a case made of 18-karat gold. The limited edition of 40 pieces is available for the first model, while the rose-gold version is only issued in an ultra-limited number of 10 worldwide.

It is not the first occasion that Wealth Solutions has teamed up with watchmaking companies to produce special edition timepieces. It has so far released the Cognac Watch, which contains a drop from the oldest cognac of the world - Gautier 1762 - and the Rum Watch, which contains a bit of the oldest rum of the world – Harewood1780.